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Hi, I am Juqui!

The idea of Juqui Cultures was created after traveling throughout Europe, wearing handmade clothing from my country. During my travels, people would stop me in the street to ask me about my bag and clothes I was wearing. And with full joy and pride, I would answer "this is handmade in Mexico"!

Since then, God has put a seed in my heart to start this amazing mission.

In Juqui Cultures, we believe in:
· Promoting handmade products by showing the world what handcraft truly is.
· Producing high quality products that showcase the artisan behind the product, who pour their soul and creativity into each piece.

Every purchase you make is handmade by a fair paid artisan who reinvests their earnings in their family, household and their future. The amazing thing about your purchase is that you get to wear them knowing that you are helping other hardworking people to have a better life. I believe we can all contribute to this and change lives. This is why we are here in this world; to be remembered and to help others!

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